Mar 03, 2021

Sometimes there is a need for quiet, a need to not make decisions or creative declarations. 


There is something very true about the going inward that happens with the winter in colder parts of the world but it can happen wherever you are and whatever the season. It’s an inward instinct I’m calling winter harvest. Harvesting the unseen, the energetic, the subtle, the dark, the meandering cold river, mulled wine, slow conversation and gentleness.  


In a time of so much sharing on social media it’s a relief to have a quite private artistic space too. I wonder if other people resonate with this need? This could be certain dreams you have or evolutions of thought that for some clear reason don’t want to be exposed. It’s something about gestation I feel. Something about giving the thing space to grow. Some things cannot be made in a hurry. Some things simply need to ripen or brew over time. 


When we’re quiet with...

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Mar 03, 2021

As a child I hated being called Alice in Wonderland. There was something about it that I resented. I didn't like being seen as a cute little blonde girl in a blue dress. Now as a woman I feel ready to embrace all that that name can open up for me - the mysterious, the underworld, the singing flowers and the strange characters you meet along the way.


A dear friend shared some vital wisdom with me recently. He said, if you’re going to explore the shadows you need to welcome in ‘twice as much beauty’ as you normally would! This felt like the thing I’ve needed to hear for years. If you’re going to dive into the hard stuff, you need to balance it out with lightness, beauty, awe! I responded with ‘oh yes, so I need to create more beauty,’ to which he replied, ‘no, just welcome the beauty that is already around you in.’ Drink in the sunset and TOP UP your beauty supply. Just be doubly present to the beauty that presents itself to...

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Mar 03, 2021

So many people want to create art and aren’t. What is this about? I mean seriously, what is this? So often we have a sense of who we could be. We could be artists sharing music on big stages to hundreds or thousands of people, we actually know we could, so why aren’t we? We could be authors of incredibly moving books, or documentary film-makers who bring new insights to our species, or myth tellers who recall old cathartic stories to our families and friends, so why aren’t we? We could grow a garden, we could say yes to whole-hearted love, we could put some music on and move our bodies, so why don’t we? 


Is it that we’re resisting feeling things? Is it the emotional intimacy of creativity? Are we afraid of being seen? Are we telling ourselves we’re not good enough? Are we afraid of the hard work? Are we passionate about too many things? Are we not passionate about anything? 


In a culture so taken by notions of freedom,...

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