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Welcome to Alice Night School of Arts (ANSoA)





A place to recall and work with your creative instincts.

This is a hearth to enter and grow as an artist and as a human being. The courses, art and books offered by ANSoA inspire deep living, deep feeling, connection and transformation through art making.

To be human is to be creative. We welcome all art forms, new and emerging. 

Too many people want to be living as the creative they know they are, yet something has blocked their path. Some are stuck, unsure or have undergone creative study and have ended up feeling jaded and more confused than they did before they started.

ANSoA is one big permission slip for creative exploration for all people. What you write, sing or make is up to you and your spirit - there is no assessment.

We work with principles of aliveness, honesty, alchemy, intimacy, big-dreaming and courageous creativity.

ANSoA is a pathway to creative rehabilitation.

You don’t have to be ‘good’ in fact, we remove that word from our vocabulary. 

We invite much more beautiful words and questions into our inquiries for creation.

Here we celebrate realness, beauty, depth and freedom, whilst also seeing that initiation is likely to include some stripping away of old ideas, grudges and assumptions too.

The courses and workshops frame art as part of life rather than reflections on life. In this way creation as initiation is the guiding principle. Art is a vehicle for positive change, catharsis, healing and visioning.   

ANSoA has a mission to restore what has been deliberately stolen from people: confidence, singing, sounding, play, sovereign artistry, spirited creativity and the knowledge that you are enough.

Art is a pathway to Imagination, expression, emotional honesty and connection.

At ANSoA we see that all human beings can choose to live creative, expressive lives and that this serves the individual, the community and culture. 

Welcome to your full wild self, your instinctual and spirited creative nature, your history, your visions, your dreams, welcome.





To live a life activated, deepened and softened by creativity, Alice facilitates online courses and retreats.  

 One on One sessions - $110/hour - creativity coaching sessions with Alice online or in person. 

 Creation Rites - a weekend workshop facilitated by Alice exploring voice, creative writing, performance and expression.

 SONGCYCLE - Join Alice for a semester or two honing in on songwriting, voice and showing up as a musician. (On-going offering - one semester $1,100, two semesters $1,800. 8 people max.)

 Master of Wild Arts - a year long mentorship for 12 people. (Starts September 2021 – investment $4,200 / $3,900 early bird.)


 I am committed to creating spaces for people to experience their true humanness through creativity. 


 These courses are for people who know they are called to create and are motivated to share their work in a variety of settings.


 The courses and workshops I hold are for people meeting thresholds in their personal and creative lives and ready to take the next step as artists in the world.

Together we explore: 


- poetic intimacy - narrative therapy - healing perspectives - singing and sounding - confidence - creative initiations - willingness to be weird - meeting your edge - authentic expression - making beauty - the alchemical potential of art - transgenerational healing - the art of vulnerability - embodying your voice - honing creative instinct - simplicity.

Creation Rites - a weekend workshop

Reclaiming your human right to create art.

This weekend creates a space to explore and become comfortable with our humanness while activating our innate creativity. It is an exploration of artistic embodiment and the health of art-making.

Creation Rites is for both the budding artist and the long-time creator. It is a playful, deep, creative space.

This immersion invites you into taboos, into the stories you’ve been avoiding writing, into catharsis and liberating narrative, into a beauty you are only just daring to imagine. 

A re-awakening of the imagination and embodied creative practices.

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Master of Wild Arts 

Creation as Initiation


A year long journey exploring creation as Initiation for a small group of dedicated students who are ready to take their artistic practice to the next level. Over the year each participant creates a significant body of work in any arts medium. You will be supported by Alice with fortnightly group sessions as you deep dive into your practice and arrive into the world as an intuitive and expressive artist. 

We explore ritual, mystery, deep-listening, discipline and devotion, creation cycles, innovation, arts culture and ways to share our work in the world. You don’t need to have been a practicing artist, you just need to be ready to make the choice now. 

Master of Wild Arts is by application only with limited spots available, commencing September 5, 2021.


Where to now?


Ready for an intensive mentorship space with an intimate group to take your creativity to the next level, focus on a new body of work and arrive in the world as an artist? Master of Wild Arts. Applications open now. 


Know that your focus is original music? Join SONGCYCLE for a Semester or two to hone in on all things song. We explore songwriting, free voice, authenticity, performance, confidence, collaboration, grassroots creativity, and engaging with the music industry. 

Needing an exploratory live retreat that will assist you in awakening your wildest creative nature, honing performance skills and creating new work, Creation Rites is the space. Contact Alice today to discuss dates and places. 


Wanting to book in for a one-on-one creativity coaching session? We can work on many things, confidence, clarity about a project, how to write a song, clearing what's getting in your way etc. This is a powerful way to get to the heart of things.



Connect with Alice via email at: [email protected]alicenightmusic 








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